I design websites from the ground up to provide a unique, custom solution that meets your specific needs. I design websites that are responsive, which means they work across all devices from the tiniest phones to that internet-ready massive TV screen on your living room wall. I design using today's modern graphics, colors, layouts and fonts so that your website will not look like it was made ten years ago.


I generally build websites with Django and Python as my foundation backed with a either a Postgres or MySql database. But as web technology continues to evolve, I am quick to learn, adopt and use the best new technologies where appropriate. I like to use what's proven, and use what's exciting, to give your users the web experience they expect today.


Keep your data (photos, movies, documents, taxes, homework, etc) safe, private and accessible with a custom cloud. Using open source software like Owncloud, I'll build you a highly available and scalable data store on an AWS cloud server. You'll have instant access to all of your data on all devices (laptop, phone, tablet) and you'll never worry about backups or privacy again.


Websites run on servers, and increasingly they are deployed in platform and application containers in clouds. I am a firm believer in using these cloud services because of the high availability, scalability and speed that they guarantee at a competitive cost. I can build and manager these services for your website. Or, if you prefer, I can build and manage a traditional, standalone Linux server for you.


I'll build you your own email server and email discussion lists, complete with spam filtering, from the ground up so you have complete control and independence. Or I can hook you into exisiting, established email services such as Amazon SES or Google G-Suite.


Privacy is increasingly difficult to find these days and can never be guaranteed when you are online. But you can give yourself a fighting chance with your own VPN. Using open source software like OpenVPN, I'll set up a virtual private network (VPN) for you on AWS. There are plenty of VPN services available today, but if recent reports are true, they don't always hide your traffic. With your own VPN, there is no doubt.